5 Common Mistakes People Make in Window Cleaning

5 Common Mistakes People Make in Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be a hassle, but it’s important to keep your windows clean so that you can enjoy natural light and a clear view of the outside world. Unfortunately, many people make common mistakes when cleaning their windows, which can result in streaky windows and a lot of wasted time and effort. Here are five common mistakes people make in window washing, as well as tips for avoiding them.

Mistake #1: Using Windex

Windex is very popular as a window cleaner, but many people don’t realize that it can actually etch glass if not used properly. 

When you’re cleaning windows, opt for an ammonia-free cleaner like All Glass Cleaner instead of Windex to prevent streaking and protect your windows from scratching.

Mistake #2: Using Newspapers

Many people use old newspapers when cleaning their windows. Unfortunately, the ink from papers often leaves dark streaks on windows.

Instead of using old newspapers, use microfiber cloths that you can buy in bulk at a low price. 

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Mistake #3: Using Dirty Water

It’s easy to use dirty water when cleaning windows because it seems like the best way to clean off smudges and stains without leaving streaks behind is to rinse them off repeatedly with more water. 

Instead of using dirty water every time you clean your window, make it part of your window cleaning process to pour out the dirty water from the bucket before refilling it with clean water.

Mistake #4: Using Paper Towels

Paper towels also absorb a lot of moisture from your windows and mirrors, leaving them streaky and less shiny than before you began cleaning.

Instead of using paper towels, opt for microfiber cloths that don’t leave scratches or streaks behind on your window panes or reflective surfaces.

Mistake #5: Cleaning Windows Inside Your Home

People often assume that if they only have to clean their windows once every three months, that they can do the job quickly by cleaning inside their homes where it’s warm and comfortable instead of going outside into a cold winter wind to clean them off first.

Instead of using paper towels or newspapers to clean inside your home, opt for a squeegee designed specifically to work on crystal clear glass so that it gives you the best results as quickly as possible.