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If you need the best commercial cleaning services in British Columbia then give us a call. Whether you are a landlord looking to keep your premises well maintained or a business needing to present the right image, we can help. The way your commercial premises looks is key to the way others view it – our commercial window cleaning services will ensure it always looks its best. Unlike other commercial cleaning companies in the lower mainland, Canadian Pro Clean is committed to environmental stewardship, and we use ecologically friendly cleaning products. 

Maximum ROI

If your storefront or commercial building needs a professional cleaning service then we pride ourselves on just that. A professional, fully insured, cleaning company, we know that our services will help you receive maximum return on your investments and will do it in the most professional and safe manner.


We provide professional level care to your professional clients.


We ensure your retail storefronts receive maximum return on their investment by having a clean, welcoming, and accessible space.


Our flexible work solutions can be structured to fit any size strata complex with professional excellence.

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If you need commercial cleaning services like no other, get in touch with us today. We are confident that you will love not only our dazzling results but also our attention to detail. We put our clients at the heart of what we do to build lasting relationships for the long term.

But what cleaning services do we offer for commercial properties? Here is a brief run-down of how we can help.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Southern British Columbia

The front of your premises is vital for giving the right impression to customers. Our stunning storefront window cleaning service will make your windows shine and your whole exterior look amazing, bringing in droves of customers. We also offer a handy mid-rise window cleaning service. This saves you the time, hassle and danger of trying to do it yourself. Instead of putting yourself in the firing line, let our expert team handle this task for you. With many years experience under their belt, they will get it done quickly and safely with outstanding results. Not only will this keep your building looking clean and fresh, it can allow more sunlight inside to make your space more inviting.

Exterior Building Wash

The curb appeal of your commercial building is key. A visually attractive appearance will help to impress any clients that may pull up and make customers want to come inside. For commercial landlords, it will help you rent the property out to businesses more easily. Our professional exterior wash will completely transform the building’s appearance and leave it looking fabulous. If it is the grounds that simply need tidying up, then our pressure washing service is the answer. We will use a high-pressure system to wash dirt and grime away from your parking lot or paved walkways.

Pressure Washing

Stubborn stains, unsightly grease and menacing dirt and mildew on your concrete services will create an eyesore. Refresh your hardened surfaces with our expert and professionals care and expertise.

Roof Cleaning

Commercial roofs need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to not only maintain their warranty but also to prevent “sick building syndrome”. Keep your property protected and your tenants safe by having our experts handle the issue.

Awning Cleaning

The vibrant, attractive colors of your cloth and vinyl awning can get dulled and damaged over time and require regular cleaning to maintain their color and durability. We can help you maintain them for the long-haul.

Let Canadian Pro Clean Wash Your Troubles Away

If your commercial property is looking a bit sad and needs some TLC, then get in touch for a quote today. As a professional, fully insured, cleaning company, we know that our services will help you receive maximum return on your investments. Not to mention, we always conduct our services in the most professional and safe manner.

Our range of commercial services is designed to make your building or storefront look stunning once more. We can even keep on top of it regularly moving forward if you would like us too. Get in touch today for a quote or to find out more about our services. Call us at 604-819-2108 or leave us a message here.

Our Commercial Services:

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