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Kinsmen Park Chilliwack Reviews

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to spend your day, Kinsmen Park in Chilliwack, British Columbia, is a must-visit. There are many things to do at the park, including hiking, picnicking, sunbathing, exercising, gathering with friends and family, meditation, celebrations, and much more. Read through the reviews below to see what other people have to say. Refer to This Article for More Information!

Little Mountain

The city of Chilliwack is planning to create a greenbelt on the steep forest strip on the north side of the mountain. Developers will give up 27 acres in return for a greenbelt, and the area would be connected to City-owned land off Quarry Road. The city would not halt development on Little Mountain, and the plan would take contributions from new development as it occurs.

In years past, Little Mountain was home to a quarry. During the early twentieth century, Chilliwack needed rock for building roads and other structures, so the city established a new quarry about 275 metres north of Yale Road East. The ruins of the old quarry can be seen today, although overgrown with vegetation. While the former quarry may be gone, the park still has a lot to offer.

Jumping castles

A family-friendly event for children, Kinsmen Park Chilliwack features a huge jumping castle. Located just northeast of downtown, the park boasts a large grassy area, tennis courts, playground, washrooms, and a picnic area. Named after Dorothy Kostrzewa, who died at Kinsmen Park in 1990, Kinsmen Park was renamed and dedicated in 2014. The park has a new entrance that was added in 2014.

The bouncy castles at Kinsmen Park Chillilwack are available for rental, and the fun never stops! These jumping castles are filled with air, making them ideal for kids to bounce and play for hours. Unlike conventional bounce houses, bouncy castles are easy to transport and store. They can be rented for a variety of events and functions, and are a great way to keep kids entertained. Check Out This Information!

Pickleball courts

The Chilliwack Pickleball Club recently enjoyed an upgraded court surface at Kinsmen Park, on Portage Avenue. The newly resurfaced courts feature a two-tone, high-end acrylic surface. The club donated $5,000 toward the project, and it is estimated that Chilliwack residents have put in about $18,000 for the new courts. The courts have a great surface that makes it easier to see the ball and the lines.

The city is working on alternative locations for the pickleball facility. Residents of Yarrow, for example, were against the idea of locating it next to the community centre. The conceptual drawing depicted a pickleball court adjacent to the community centre. Although residents of Yarrow have not expressed a preference for the proposed location, the community centre is owned and operated by the Yarrow Ratepayers Association.


If you’re planning to hire a magician for an event in Chilliwack, be sure to check out the reviews and photos posted on their website. Many Chilliwack magicians specialize in various forms of magic, from sleight-of-hand to illusions and comedy. Others focus on family-friendly events, while others are geared towards adults. Before choosing a Chilliwack magician for your event, make sure to read reviews about their work, and ask questions.

The Chilliwack area was once a region without any villages. The lower Chilliwack River and Fraser River were the only boundaries, with the Fraser bank defining the northwestern edge of the level plateau. Bogs were common in this low country, and the resulting vegetation was infested with vicious mosquitoes in the summer. Luckily, these mosquitoes have been largely eradicated in recent years.

Nature trails

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity, consider cycling or hiking around the park’s trails. The park is home to two kilometres of trails, some with lookouts and others without, providing an ideal spot to rest and rejuvenate. The trails are well marked, with the Yarrow Lookout trail proving particularly popular with families. The park offers stunning views of the Fraser Valley and Chilliwack.

The trail itself is 452 meters long and is made up of white gravel. It is accessible from several locations, including the park’s playground and swimming pool. Hiking and biking are other great activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. In addition to hiking and biking, the park features a skatepark, and several other recreational features. It’s a great way to get the whole family outdoors while spending time with your friends. Refer to This Article!

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