Concrete Sealing Services

Seal and protect a variety of surfaces with professional concrete sealing services! Yes, concrete is tough, but it can’t be tough forever. Especially if you fail to treat and maintain it. Give your property’s concrete a helping hand with the correct concrete sealing products and application techniques. It’s a maintenance checklist item you won’t regret!

At Canadian Pro Clean, our concrete sealing services include the application of either thin or penetrating sealers, which are designed to provide protection to your concrete surfaces now, and for many years to come. We use various sealers and products depending on the condition of the concrete and what the concrete surface is exposed to.

To avoid these problems and get super clean windows that will make your property look amazing, give us a call. Our expertly trained staff have the equipment and experience to deliver outstanding window cleaning results.

Concrete sealing can assist with:

  • Effective hardening of fairly new concrete developments
  • Priming concrete surfaces before paint is applied
  • Damp proofing without trapping moisture internally

Concrete sealing can be effectively carried out on parking lots, buildings, bridges, sidewalks, balconies, patios and even masonry.

Why Trust Canadian Pro Clean For Concrete Sealing Services?

Concrete surfaces can differ according to their application. There are various sealers available on the market including epoxy sealers, urethane sealers, silane sealers, and others. Using incorrect concrete sealing products and techniques or even too little or too much sealer can result in problems. At Canadian Pro Clean, we are familiar with common concrete sealing problems and can provide helpful advice and assistance. Whether you are sealing concrete for the first time or looking for assistance with ongoing maintenance and upkeep, we will do our best to assist efficiently and cost-effectively.

Call us at 604-819-2108 or leave us a message here for your concrete sealing needs!

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