Pressure Washing Services

Keep your business premises looking shiny, new and professional with our effective high-pressure washing services. Watch the dirt and grime that detracts from the gleam and shine of your commercial building’s exterior quickly wash away before your very eyes. We understand dirt and grime build-up and we use this acquired knowledge to strategically blast any and all dirt from your business parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, shop fronts, dumpster areas, and buildings.

Why choose Canadian Pro Clean for your pressure washing needs?

You might be tempted to handle pressure cleaning tasks yourself. Don't! Sometimes consumer-level cleaning equipment, detergents, and knowledge are simply no match for the level of dirt build-up and stains that you're faced with. Using the incorrect equipment and techniques can result in damage to your property and equipment. Canadian Pro Clean has an in-depth understanding of cleaning techniques and of course, we are equipped with everything that's needed to carry out a quick and effective cleaning task.

What we can tackle with our pressure washing services

With our effective pressure washing services, you can wave goodbye to tough grease, grime, gum, oil, food and drink stains, bird faeces, and even organic growth.

Are You Able To Pressure Wash My Specific Commercial Building?

Our pressure washing services are ideal for most business premises including malls and shopping centres, office buildings, restaurants, churches, gas stations, schools, and parking lots (outside and underground) to name a few. We operate in Southern BC in the Vancouver and Langley regions.

Schedule Pressure Washing Services With Canadian Pro Clean

Concrete surfaces can differ according to their application. There are various sealers available on the market including epoxy sealers, urethane sealers, silane sealers, and others. Using incorrect concrete sealing products and techniques or even too little or too much sealer can result in problems. At Canadian Pro Clean, we are familiar with common concrete sealing problems and can provide helpful advice and assistance. Whether you are sealing concrete for the first time or looking for assistance with ongoing maintenance and upkeep, we will do our best to assist efficiently and cost-effectively.

You can set up a custom recurring cleaning schedule with us, or you can opt for a one-off clean up. Contact us for more information on our professional pressure washing services today. Call us today at 604-819-2108 or leave us a message.

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