Terms and Conditions

“Canadian Proclean Inc.”/”Us”/”We” are terms used in this document to refer to “the Company” including any employees,
partners and/or subcontractors working on site with/ and/or for Canadian Proclean Inc.

When hiring us for our services, you (the client/customer) agree to contract with Canadian Proclean Inc. and agree to pay any
and all invoices in full upon completion of agreed quoted work. “Client” and/or “Customer” are the terms used in this
document to refer to the person/persons/company/Strata who we are communicating with by email, text and/or phone.
When hiring us, you the client/customer agree to contract with Canadian Proclean for the services you agree to us performing
for you. By hiring Canadian Proclean Inc. you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in this document.

Quoting and Scheduling
We communicate with our clients by email and telephone. All estimates are provided in both written and electronic format.
You consent to the provided estimate when you select “pending” on the electronic estimate. This communicates to us that
you agree to the price and scope of work and that you wish to have it scheduled. You will then be contacted by telephone
or email to discuss a mutually agreed date. Verbal quotes (or ballpark estimates) are not provided.

Weather Policy
We will always do our best to complete the job as scheduled regardless of weather conditions. When temperatures are 5
degrees Celsius or below, we may start later in the day to allow frost and/or icy conditions to thaw. We typically follow
through on our scheduled appointments regardless of weather conditions, including rainy weather. In extreme weather
conditions, we may need to reschedule appointments for our safety. Please understand that we will do our best to
accommodate a timely reschedule but have to work around other scheduled clients and weather.

On the Day of the Service
On the day of service, please ensure that Canadian Proclean Inc. has clear access to all areas to be cleaned.
          1. Have a water spigot ready to use;
          2. Clear both the driveway and the street parking area in front of the building;
          3. Have all windows and doors closed tightly;
          4. Disclose any existing loose or broken areas;
          5. Have all pets inside before and during our service;
          6. Clear the work areas (blocked areas might not get cleaned);
          7. Put away all sensitive items, especially those you don’t want to get wet;
          8. It is not necessary for you be at home during our service call.

House Washing
House Washing removes most of the dirt and organic buildups on your house sidings. It does not remove plants (e.g., vines)
growing on the sidings or non-organic stains such as paint, rust, and oil. We may be able to handle complicated situations like
these with additional cost.

We can only wash your house from outside. Due to many reasons, such as lack of regular maintenance or previous pressure
washing by a nonprofessional, some dirt may have travelled into your exterior building materials through small openings
such as vinyl weep holes or breathing holes on the soffits. After our house washing services, it is possible to see some dirty
water dripping off from those holes and leaving brown marks or streaks on the surfaces below. You may simply wipe them
off with a clean rug. There is an additional charge for these kinds of call-backs that were not caused by us.

Vinyl sidings, metal soffits, gutters, window trims, and any other painted surfaces that are old or have not been well
maintained might be subject to oxidation. Our regular house washing service is not able to remove oxidation or restore the
oxidized surfaces. And the oxidation may be more noticeable after a cleaning.

We do not use high pressure on siding, so we won’t strip off any solid paint on your house (unless you specifically ask for and
pay for it). It is possible that some old and loose paint might come off with regular low-pressure house washing. If you plan
to paint your house after the house washing, please understand that your house might not be perfectly ready for painting
after our house washing service. Having a professional painter to prepare the designated areas after the house washing is
strongly recommended.

Roof Cleaning
Canadian Proclean Inc. uses an environmentally safe, soft wash procedure. Our roof cleaning solution is able to kill most
damaging growths such as algae, moss, and lichen. We do not offer any service to remove non-organic stains such as mineral
deposits (normally seen on concrete tile roofs, which are not harmful to the roof).

Most roofs take 1 to 10 days to become completely clean after our roof treatment. But, depending on the condition of your
roof and the incoming weather, this process may take up to six months.

After the roof treatment, it is possible to see some light brown areas and/or white debris that remain. These light brown
areas are dead algae/bacteria (or gloeocapsa magma) which previous to our treatment were black streaks. We request you
wait up to eight weeks for the brown areas to fade or be washed away by rains. The white debris are dead moss or lichens,
which may take up to six months to completely deteriorate or fall off.

Possible Water Intrusion
Our customers understand that we are going to be utilizing water to wash your house. It is the customer’s responsibility to
make sure that the house is washable and safe to handle reasonable pressurized water. We take extra precautions when we
find leaky windows/doors, poorly sealed windows/doors, open windows/doors, previously damaged surfaces, and things as
such. But, it is the customer’s responsibility to handle any water intrusion that is caused by above mentioned pre-existing

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter cleaning includes the removal of all debris from the interior of gutters around the building using ladder stabilizers to
avoid damaging the face of the gutters. We will perform a final rinse of the gutters to ensure that water can drain properly
and that the downspouts are in working order. On request, clogged outlets/downspouts will also be cleared to restore flow.
In some cases, permanent stains and/or wear may remain on the outside of gutters for obvious reasons.

Power Washing
Canadian Proclean Inc. provides pressure washing (power washing) to thoroughly clean concrete surfaces to remove/reduce
dirt, algae, mildew etc. Cleaning agents may be used in conjunction with power washing to get the best possible cleaning of
the surface. For flat surfaces, a surface spinner will be used for an even clean, and to reduce striping patterns where possible.
Canadian Proclean will not be held liable for any visible wear and/or damages as a result of current and/or prior pressure
washing by us or other contractors or an issues with the top surface of the concrete due to poor aftercare by concrete
contractors or improper care by owners or tenants.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure proper drainage systems are in place in advance to handle the excess water which
will be present while pressure washing so as to avoid any flooding or water damage. Please note that not all stains may be
able to be completed removed. Despite extreme caution when power washing, some/or most paint/stain may come off and
may need to be re-painted and or re-stained after drying.

Window Washing Services
Please ensure that Canadian Proclean has clear access to all areas to be cleaned with a minimum 3 foot clearance. All signage,
stickers and postings are to be removed by the customer in advance of our arrival. We are not responsible for any breakages
in screens due to age and sun damage. Canadian Proclean can remove signage, stickers, etc. at a small additional fee. This
may be added to the final invoice at our discretion. Canadian Proclean will not be held liable in any way for repairing and/or
replacing windows with any prior damage, staining, discolouration, oxidization, hard water mineral deposits, years of wear
and tear or any other reason.

Canadian Pro Clean Inc. is fully insured for all their services and employees while on site. Homeowners and businesses are
required to have their own property insurance where applicable.

Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us within three days of completion of any service other than our roof
cleaning service. For roof cleaning services, please contact us after six but before seven months of completion of the service.
We will evaluate the situation and provide a free rework if needed. If after the rework, you are still not satisfied, we will
refund your money if you hire another power washing contractor, within one month of completion of our rework, to redo
the same work and send us a copy of the receipt. Canadian Proclean Inc. provides honest and clear communication and
expects all employees to behave in a respectful and professional manner in all dealings with the Customer.

Content Release
Unless another agreement has been formally signed, Canadian Pro Clean reserves the right to use any photos and videos
taken on or around your property, solely for marketing purposes. The reviews you write on any of our business pages,
including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Instagram, may also be used. We
will not include any sensitive information such as addresses or last names.

Risk of Damage
Our technicians are well trained and very responsible in the cleaning process to make sure not to cause any damage to your
property. However, damage can still happen to surface with poor conditions. Right before our service, our technicians will
inspect your home and let you know if we find anything worth extra attention. If we do, we won’t continue with the actual
service before your verbal or written confirmation. We also recommend you to fully inspect your home by yourself before
and after our service with our staff.

Regular, preventative maintenance cleaning can hinder build up of dirt and potential staining of surfaces. However when
surfaces are not cleaned regularly (one per year minimum) unremovable spots, hard water deposits, discolouration,
oxidization and UV damage cand occur. Canadian Proclean Inc. is not responsible for unremovable stains/paint on gutters,
siding, windows, concrete, wood, etc. and regular wear and tear to surfaces we clean. Pre-existing damage and staining will
be annotated on estimates to the best of our ability but may appear upon removal of surface dirt.

If Damage Occurs
If you find any damage that you believe was caused by our mistake, please formally report it to us with email
(office@canadianproclean.com) within three days of completion of our service. We will do a full evaluation and, within 30
days, repair or contract repair to any damage we determined was caused by our company.

Payment is due upon completion of work for residential customers, and 30 days after completion of work for commercial or
strata customers, unless other prior arrangements were made. The forms of payment we accept include cheque, e-transfer,
and credit cards. Any invoice that is past due 30 days is subject to a 5% late fee addition per every 30 days late. If payment is
not received within 120 days past due, Canadian Pro Clean Inc. reserves the right to file a civil claim and collect outstanding
debt. Any legal fees incurred during the process will be added to the unpaid balance. There will be a service charge of $45.00
for any payment returned NSF (Not Sufficient Funds).

Refusal of Service
Canadian Proclean Inc. reserves the right to refuse service at its sole discretion. Reasons may include (but are not limited to)
rude, abusive and/or belligerent behaviour, miscommunication, misunderstandings of any sort, indiscernible speech,
locations outside our service area, inability to safely perform the services requested (at our discretion), extreme amounts of
pet feces or other debris on location.