Yarrow Pioneer Park Pays Tribute to Pioneers

Yarrow Pioneer Park Pays Tribute to Pioneers

A paver stone project in the Yarrow Pioneer Park pays tribute to those early pioneers who helped build our community. Names like Eckert Chadsey, Vedder Wiens, and others familiar to locals are represented by the stonework at this park. It is fitting that these names are included. After all, they helped build Chilliwack. The park also includes a monument to Vedder and Wiens, two prominent members of the town. Get More Info

Yarrow Pioneer Park

Yarrow Pioneer Park is the premier green space in Chilliwack. With 2.5 hectares of land, the park features a skatepark, a playground, picnic areas, and washrooms. This park is a popular meeting place for the community, and many events are held here throughout the year. There is ample parking for residents and visitors. You can also drive to the park to find a parking space in a nearby garage.

The pavers will be inscribed with names of local pioneers. While some are engraved, special stones will be strategically placed throughout the park. The pavers are intended to spark interest in local history and be a gathering spot for the community. Sales began last year at Yarrow Days, and project sponsors hope to finish them by March 1. Promotions are ongoing online and in person. The park will also host a farmers’ market on Friday evenings from 5PM to dusk.

Sardis Park

Yarrow Pioneer is a Canadian Park located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. It is located at 4390 Kehler St. You can reach this park by using the phone number and address listed above. You can also view their website for opening hours and more information. If you’d like to learn more about Yarrow Pioneer Park, you can read real customer reviews. Check Out This Info

This 2.5-hectare property is a great picnic spot for families. It features washrooms, picnic tables, and a skateboard park. The park has a 6-55-metre-long outer looping path, which offers an ideal outdoor activity space. Fitness equipment is available, and the park has an ADA accessible parking lot. It also hosts several community events throughout the year.

Yarrow Library

A historic Little Free Library in Yarrow was set on fire this past Canada Day. A local farm hand shared a photo of the burning structure on Facebook. Police were called, and the building was quickly destroyed. However, the community quickly rallied to put right the wrong. The Chilliwack RCMP is currently investigating. You can join Crime Stoppers and receive news headlines in your inbox every day.

A 2.5 hectare property, Yarrow Pioneer Park offers fun lines for children and adults alike. There are also washrooms and a picnic area. In 2010, the park underwent a redevelopment process with community input to make it even more appealing. Today, the park serves as a community hub, with various events and gatherings held here throughout the year. There is also an outdoor skating rink, which is a popular destination for skateboarding and other outdoor activities.

Yarrow Volunteer Society

The Yarrow Volunteer Society is building a memorial pathway through the park, with pavers bearing the names of pioneers. The project will feature the names of early settlers, as well as those who built the town in the 1940s and 1970s. Froese and his wife Sandra have purchased the pavers at a cost of $60 each, with the hope of selling 150 to cover the costs of building the pathway.

Recreational activities in Yarrow are focused around baseball and softball teams. These teams drew crowds of people to cheer them on. The Alliance Church’s youth group played co-ed softball games every Wednesday evening. MB Church’s softball team often played other churches in the Chilliwack District. In addition to baseball, teenage boys organized football games on school grounds or in the park, with no equipment. In Yarrow, teams were determined by skins. Read Much More

Driving Direction from Canadian Pro Clean to Yarrow Pioneer Park

Driving Direction from Yarrow Pioneer Park to Cultus Lake Waterpark